Can I escape variables?

I’m writing a command that updates a command, and I want the updated command to include $(user).

!commands add !com1 -a=!commands edit !com2 $(user) some message

Unfortunately, $(user) is being replaced when I add !com1 not when someone types !com2. Is there a way to escape the variable so that it’s applied when the second command is used?

Hey @dx_over_dt!

I’m not quite sure I understand what you’re looking for…

Why not simply getting rid of !com1 and using !com2 by itself instead?

!addcom !com2 $(user) some message

Since you want the output of !com2 to match $(user) every time this seems to be the simplest solution.

Without more context that’s all I can say.

I mod for Failstream and regularly troll him and chat with updated titles. Recently he’s been playing SMM2 levels made by other streamers, and inevitably randos pop in and type !add <level code> just assuming he’s playing viewer levels.

Because it amuses me, I’ve been updating his title to

Viewer levels, where the viewer is exclusively <current streamer>

and updating the !add command to

$(user) is your name <current streamer>?

Since the format is the same every time and Fail plays 5-10 levels per stream, I didn’t want to type out the whole !editcom command every time, so I added two helper commands:

!addcom !vlt -a=!title Viewer levels, where the viewer is exclusively $(query)
!addcom !vla -a=!commands edit !add $(user) is your name $(query)?

Now when Fail starts a new level, I just type

!vlt <current streamer>
!vla <current streamer>

!vlt works as expected. !vla always inserts my username rather than that of the person who types !add.

I just thought of a convoluted way I could do it.

!addcom !vla -a=!commands edit !add $(eval '$' + '(user)') is your name $(query)?

Still, I’d be interested to know if there’s a better way to escape things.

$(eval '$' + '(user)')

That’s pretty much the only way to inject variables, using other variables to output those variables, eval being the easiest one to use; a bit janky but it does the job. Nice one for figuring that out.

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