Can I create a command that lists up users who used this or another command?

I want to create commands that are connected to each other in this way:

  • !count -> Sets a counter, if used it should edit the command !list by adding this user to the command output
  • !list -> Should list up any user that used !count (Output: List: User1, User2, User3,…
  • !count2 -> 2nd counter working same like !count
  • !list2 -> same like !list for the !count2 command
  • !reset -> resets all of the commands listed above (counter ->0, list -> List: (nothing))

counter should be available to everyone. list and reset only for mods+owner (i know how to do this, added just for the context)
Is there a way to do this with nightbot commands or am I not able to edit more commands with !reset / can’t list up users in a command text

Currently there is no way to make commands alter themselves with the exception of the !editcom command. There is also no “logged” usage of commands with the vanilla Nightbot. The best that is available are in the form of real time variables ex. $(nick), $(touser) etc.

A system that your after would require custom api with a way to add, list and remove all of the people of that list.

So in short words no you can’t create those commands connected in that way with Vanilla Nightbot.

ok thanks for the response. i had a feeling that this wouldn’t work with vanilla nightbot