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Can I buy a server or Atleast do a monthly plan to have a server to me


As part of my job I have to download twitch VODs and edit them together. Please do something about the 10 spot download. It’s annoying to wait 10 min to download a 1 min clip. You guys are the only ones I can download from that works the best. I would pay for a server! Would make my job sooo much easier. Again you guyus should capitalize on this, kinda would make a lot of money. Not sure why you haven’t thought of this already…

TwitchDown Issues

I would pay for a server too


We realize there’s a lot of people wanting to pay for TwitchDown to bypass the server being full. While we’re considering a paid service, we would first need to source servers and build out a way to scale such a service efficiently. It isn’t going to happen in a day since we’re managing a lot of other higher priority projects, so I ask for your patience while we investigate and potentially build out a service for this.

TwitchDown servers FULL
Sick and Tired of The Error Message

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