Can I add multiple to a count command at a time?

I moderate a streamer’s chat and there’s a death counter command but I commonly forget to use it when he dies but realize after a few deaths. Can I add multiple to the death counter at a time to make up for when I forget to use it?


If you’re using the $(count) variable you can only increase it by 1 each time you use the command; there’s no way to add more than 1 in one go. What you can do, however, is set the value of the $(count) variable to a specific number.

Let’s say you have a command called !deaths with the following response:

The streamer has died $(count) times!

Let’s say the streamer has already died 7 times. Recently he has died 3 more times, so the $(count) variable should be set to 10. You can then run this command in chat:

!editcom !deaths -c=10

This will set the value of the death counter to 10, and the next time you use !deaths, it will output 11 deaths.

thanks this worked well

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