Can I add an automatic kill and win counter?

Hi. I am streaming from my ipad because i dont have a pc. I mostly stream fortnite mobile and I would like an win and kill counter that counts automatically. I don’t have mods who are active in my chat.


There’s no way to create win and kill counter commands that will trigger on their own. You would have to trigger them yourself after each game. You can copy and paste these into chat:

!addcom -cd=5 !wins $(channel) has 0 wins.
!addcom !addwin -a=!editcom !wins $(channel) has $(count) wins.

!addcom -cd=5 !kills $(channel) has 0 kills.
!addcom !addkill -a=!editcom !kills $(channel) has $(count) kills.

To increase the win/kill counter, use !addwin or !addkill. To just view the counter values, use !wins or !kills.

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