Can anyone help me out with this?

I have looked at a lot of places on how to do this just none helped me out…

So i know about the App.Emoticon Controller for twitch but i don’t know how to use it at all
Could anyone help me out?

  • Spike

As stated by Fugiman on the Twitch Developer forums,

Nobody responded because this is a duplicate of Need help with custom emotes - API - Twitch Developer Forums

As was mentioned in that thread, you can reverse-engineer FrankerFaceZ to find out everything you need to know about injecting emotes into App.EmoticonController. Alternatively you can investigate BetterTTV’s approach.

Perhaps if you have specific questions on what a piece of code is doing, you can ask about that. A general “how do I do X?” is rarely going to be answered properly.

We do not provide assistance for third party add-ons nor do we have the time to teach you how Twitch’s framework functions.