Can anybody tell why Nightbot don't post links?

You can put it in custom command or put as a timer if it contains a link it will never be posted.

Why is that ?

You probably have deleted links turned on. You would need to turn that off from your Twitch channel settings.

actually is youtube
and all other links work fine example !facebook !twitter
just !giveaway don’t work because it has link as well if I set it up for !timer nightbot will not post it but will post anything else

I’m not sure then. It might be YouTube filtering it. Check your YouTube spam protection settings for your channel to check your blacklist.

is not youtube you can paste the same link just fine on live stream chat just the bot dont post it I even made 2 command !freeskins and !giveaway both don’t work all other commands work just fine. stop blaming anything else is from nightbot is strange but is nightbot

Unfortunately then YouTube would have to be preventing the link from being posted by Nightbot. We have no control over what messages they do and don’t allow sent to their chat. We simply take the command responses you write and post them into chat. If any error occurs (like YouTube rejects the message), then the message gets dropped on the floor and there’s nothing we can do.

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