Calling a count

Hey guys just curious if there is a way to call a count with out affecting the total

for example !kill $(count)

!killcount the kill count is

Been looking for a few hours now and can’t seem to find a way to implement this, any help would be greatly appreciated

Hey FatFrostBolt,

We offer a count command on our variables page -

You would use

!addcom !kill the kill count is $(count)

But I would make the command MOD or OWNER only.
Like so


!addcom -ul=mod !kill the kill count is $(count)


!addcom -ul=owner !kill the kill count is $(count)

If you need to reset the count tho, you would need to delete the command and readd it.
I am hoping the NightDevs can figure out a “clearing” option for the command soon when they’re free.


Right sorry I should have been a bit more clear what I am looking for is a method to call the value with out adding to it. basically declaring the variable which adds to the count and having a second call function for stating the variable with out modifying the count
something like this
!kill The kill count is $(count)

!killcount print (!kill)

A second option, if it would be useful, would be to create two different commands.
One for any user to see:

!addcom !kills The Current Kill Count is:

And another command to change it using a $(alias).

!addcom -ul=mod !editkills $(alias !editcom !kills The Current Kill Count is: )

The use is simple any user can use the !kills command to see the amount of kills. And any mod (or what ever you choose) can change it using the !editkills with a number after it.

AnyMod: !editkills 10
Nightbot: The command !kills has been changed!

AnyUser: !kills
Nightbot: The Current Kill Count is: 10

That is the extent of it’s usefulness. Hopefully you could find use in this. Good Luck.

Aaron is pretty much spot on because we do not offer this type of count system with Nightbot. It might be added down the road but as of right now it isn’t something we offer.
Vaughn Whiskey


Np thanks alot for the help to both you and aaron was just fiddling around with nightbot yesterday and curious about the abilities and limitations. awesome project so far guys!