[BUG] Reset on Open

Whether you choose to reset on open or not to reset on open in the configuration settings. Stream Tip still clears the 3 files every time it is opened.

These 3 files always reset on program start for me:

This is fine if you always want to reset, but the check boxes are not working for me since I have them all NOT checked, and it is still resetting on program start.

I looked for other threads with this bug detailed and found none.

I did find one other post where someone else had discovered this as well.

The same thing is happening to me. Whenever i open this new streamtip app it resets anything that i have received. Even if i disable the reset option, it keep happening.

It’s really fucked up you force a “new software version” to your userbase when it doesn’t even works. I’m changing my stream donation tracker.

Thank you.

Confirmed. I have made sure to leave all boxes unchecked however all files with the exception of; “Tip-Top” resets to a blank text file every time I reset the Streamtip Alerter application.

I’d consider this to be a big problem and should be addressed ASAP.

I accidentally broke 2 out of the three checkboxes and sounds after relaunching the application on Windows in the 4th alpha, so here’s the 6th release instead: https://streamtip.com/dl/StreamtipAlerter_alpha6.msi

Let me know if there’s any other bugs, and I’ll promptly get them taken care of.

Still broken for me. Recent is fine, top donator resetting. Did a fresh reinstall, still not working. Nor did repair work.

Beautiful Work man. All fixed up, I tested it myself. ;D

Thank you so much, I and I am sure many others greatly appreciate your dedicated hard work here.

Just a random note; I wonder if there is a way to allow for the editing of notes for donations that are already on the list. Would be a helpful feature imho. =)

Are you sure you toggled the settings for those?

There’s no way to edit notes for existing transactions just yet, but is there any particular usage for that? I’m not so sure if allowing the ability to edit transactions is a good idea.

Had to fully delete both installs then reinstall again. Working now!

I still seem to be having a problem with Alpha6. The Tip-top.txt will still reset when I have the box in settings UNchecked.

The other 2 (Tip-list.txt and Tip-recent.txt will now hold true to the check box. Thanks!)

I did toggle each “reset on open” box once to make sure it went green to indicate that the setting was saved. Perhaps that means that after it is toggled on once it cannot be toggled off without a reinstall?

Thanks so much for all your work on this project. You rule!

I’m not able to reproduce any issues. Keep in mind that by “reset” I mean to empty the file on start. Otherwise, when it is unchecked it will grab the info from the server.

I try to keep my stream sort-of PG-13… if people start putting messages that are in breach of my chat rules, I’d like to be able to change them to “no message”, or something along the lines… Edit might not even be needed, just the ability to remove the note altogether should be fine.

We already filter profanity, and you can configure extra words to be filtered in the tip page settings.

Strange up until today everything was working perfectly. But now, everytime I start up the application it fails to load tip-top.txt properly. Even unchecked the file is reset. Definitely needs looking into. Seems to take a while to produce the error(In some cases?).

I’m not sure what you mean by “fails to load.” I cannot reproduce any issues on my end… The way the option works is that it will pull the largest tip for the day when it is untoggled.

The same is happening to me - the tip-top.txt is resetting even when the checkmark is NOT checked. That means all 3 are UNCHECKED and the tip-top still resets on load. I’ll screenshare or video record if you want to take a look.

“fails to load” as in when I start up the program all the .txts load up with the exception of tip-top.txt.

Okay, so if it is looking for the top of the day than that is probably my issue. My question now is; why does it only take the top from the day? The tip-recent.txt will just take the most recent tip even if it was on an earlier date, why does tip-top not function like this? I would prefer tip-top.txt to work like tip-recent.txt b/c otherwise my tip-top just stays empty, unless something goes through that day, and even than it will display w/e daily tip goes through as the top when in fact that tip may have been very low. I think tip-top should pull the top tip regardless of the day and use that, unless the user selected the reset file on open setting than it would just pull the top from the day w/e that ended up being.

Just my thoughts. Hope I managed to have that make sense.

Also, how does it pull the largest tip for the day if you’re just starting the stream there would be 0 tips for the day… right? Why doesn’t it leave whats there until another - bigger - tip comes along?

I might make a modification to pull the top tip of the month, but it will not be of a longer timeframe.