(Bug?) Random Nightbot Time Outs

I was in Sxyhxy’s chat and noticed some random time outs by Nightbot.

Took screenshots with prntscr. Didn’t look there was any links in their messages.


Hey Glada,

This is caused by poor grammar on the viewers part. Nightbot sees this as someone trying to bypass a URL spam filter and gives them a little tough love.

For the most part, the person in your screenshots uses “me” in the wrong grammatical way which Nightbot sees as a URL like .me and so on.

Grammar Example: “My grandmother and I” not “Me and my grandmother”

So to prevent this, a viewer would need to use proper grammar to avoid the false positives.

Vaughn Whiskey

Ah, I see.

Thanks for the really quick response. Keep up the great work on everything! :smile:

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