[bug] Links to my domain are parsed as emotes

I just noticed that when I enabled BTTV, all links to my domain horaro.org will be trashed by inserting the “o.o” emote: http://imgur.com/AZqNrlW I would appreciate if this could be fixed. =)


Unfortunately this is a Twitch bug with their server-side message parser. They return the following to BetterTTV:

@color=#B22222;emotes=6:13-15;subscriber=0;turbo=1;user_type= :night!night@night.tmi.twitch.tv PRIVMSG #night :Main Schedule – Speed Gaming for Sick Kids 2

The above tells BetterTTV to replace characters at index 13-15 with emote 6. We cannot control what gets sent to us.

But it does not happen unless I enable BTTV… so at some point you must be doing something different.

I cannot speak for Twitch’s implementation, but as it’s a Twitch issue there’s nothing we can do about it.

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