[bug]BTTV emotes menu and turbo emotes

I have a problem with Turbo emotes
I can’t use it with BTTV emotes menu

the problem

its add ^??$ for ex: if i want to use R) emote it will be like ^R)$
i think this screenshot explain every thing

its Only with Turbo emotes

BetterTTV v 6.8R36
my Settings: http://pastebin.com/wbw3ZyB8
Google Chrome v 43.0.2357.124 m
Windows 8.1 pro

If you’re using the default Twitch emotes menu, this happens because it’s a Twitch bug. Use the BetterTTV emote menu instead.

Is there anyway can I disabled the twitch emote menu,
I don’t use it ever,
but to make sure it’s not that cause this issue :confused:

There’s not a way to disable Twitch’s at this time, but we may eventually change to disable it when ours is enabled.

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