BTTV v7.0.0 highlight issues

I haven’t had any issues with BTTV up until a few hours ago as of 4-27-17 , and my issue lies in a problem with username highlighting. I use the option to make my username a highlighted word, and therefore messages with my username in them are highlighted in red. That was how it worked up until today. Now, for some reason, the message will still be highlighted red but my username is highlighted with an obnoxious white highlight. The white highlight itself comes from twitch and cannot be removed anywhere. Usually, installing BTTV gets rid of the white highlight and everything is okay. But suddenly I’m on version 7.0.0 and I can’t get rid of it. Coincidentally, the option for BTTV dark mode in the chat cog has disappeared today.

I’ve tried literally everything from messing with every possible setting in BTTV and twitch itself to uninstalling Chrome as a whole. And what I found was that this issue is only linked to my twitch account. I opened an incognito tab, made a new user, and the option for dark mode in the cog wheel was there and the white highlight was gone. In the incognito tab the version of BTTV reads v6.8R55.

So, my question is can I downgrade my BTTV extension somehow? I don’t know if anyone else is on this version and has experienced these issues but I hope there’s a resolution other than me moving accounts on twitch, which would be a pain in itself since I’m subscribed to multiple channels. I know it may seem minor but it’s incredibly frustrating that my extension changed seemingly overnight and there’s no way for me to fix it. BTTV support on Twitter said to turn on the emote menu, and I tried this and it didn’t resolve my issues at all. I’ll attatch some images so you can see the differences.

first two images are on v7.0.0 where I have no dark mode option in the chat options and the white highlight, and the last two are on v6.8R55 where I have none of these issues. (I’m ranbara)

Like I said, I’m only having issues on my account and no one I’ve spoken to has these issues, and I don’t have them when I’m on another account. If anyone has any insight into what’s wrong and how I can fix this without moving to a different account it’d be much appreciated!

You’ve been upgraded to the BetterTTV Beta, which is a complete rewrite of BetterTTV.

You were most likely forced into it as well as 50% BetterTTV’s userbase. There is no way to leave the beta once forced into it, sorry.

Dark mode can be enabled/disabled in the BetterTTV settings.

All the issues you’ve listed (including the badge spacing) are due to compatibility issues with other Twitch extensions you have installed.

I hope this answered the majority of questions you were looking for.

I want to update mine to 7.0 beta but I dunno how. :smiley:

The only other extension I have installed is FrankerfaceZ, and when I disable it I still have the white highlight and janky badge spacing. However, when I disable BTTV and leave FFZ the badge spacing is fine but the highlight is still there. I guess what I’m asking is do you think that these issues will be resolved over time with additional patches to BTTV? Or will it be stuck like this forever?

I really don’t recommend it, actually. The highlight is annoying and distracting with no way to disable it, badges are way too close to each other making chat cluttered. Stay on the previous version as long as you can, imho

Enable it from the BetterTTV settings (bottom on list).

All of these issues are solved with just BetterTTV installed. Badge spacing and white highlights are conflicting with other Twitch add-ons, as you can see in my picture above.

When I disable FFZ in my chrome extensions they’re both still there, do you have any idea why?

I’ve noticed there are missing settings (such as Scrollback Amount) in the BTTV settings. Are these options permanently removed or was it just overlooked in the first beta version?

At this time it isn’t going to be readded due to the way Twitch handles messages.

Also, note the beta period is over and all users are now running v7.

Well that really sucks. Hopefully BTTV can see that people are unhappy with this and can offer some sort of solution. Otherwise I don’t even wanna use it anymore. :confused:

Having the same annoying highlight issue, spacing issues and no, I don’t have any other Twitch add-on installed. On top of that the performance is HORRIBLE. This screenshot came straight from my task manager and the only thing I had open was Twitch chat (not even a stream)

That’s seriously awful. I’ve had BTTV disabled for the past few days bc of the performance. Seriously hoping for some patches or something.

The performance of BetterTTV is pretty much the same as default Twitch. You can disable BetterTTV and check for yourself.

From what I’ve been made aware, all styling issues are the result of other extensions conflicting with our styles. If that’s the case, it’s difficult for us to fix. Unless you post pictures of the actual problems on our bug tracker, they won’t be fixed or looked into. You can do that at