BTTV Stopped Working for Current Firefox

It was Working Fine and I went to a another Favorite Stream and then it was gone I have tried all Suggested Methods and Nothing… I checked and Saw that it was Updated on July 21 which it Today and now it doesn’t work… So I guess what ever u updated messed it up !! Please Fix as I am a Moderator and it makes my Job So much Easier !! Thanx for ur Time :smile:

You may want to redownload the extension at

You should also make sure you’re on Firefox 38 or higher, since the latest version of Firefox is required.

Im having the same problem except in a browser called cyberfox it used to work but now it shows the old interface before i installed Bttv

You must be on Firefox 38 or higher. Since Cyberfox is not Firefox 38 or higher, it does not function.

Dang i hope they update cyberfox to 38 or whatever , i love bttv

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