BTTV still preventing Twitch chat history from loading


I’ve seen a few posts blaming this on Twitch alone (supposedly rolling out a new something or other, I’m not a coder.) but I’ve isolated this issue which is still persisting on my Chrome browser.

I’m using BTTV and FrankerFaceZ.

  1. I open a new Chrome browser and hit a bookmark to go to a Twitch live stream in progress.

  2. Before Dark Theme in BTTV loads I see the white chat box with maybe 10 lines of history for a split second.

  3. Dark theme loads and states the version of BTTV at the top of the chat box, no chat history. Chat also does not load.

  4. Refresh the page via Chrome.

  5. Chat history still does not load, but now chat continues from the time the page was reloaded.

This has been extremely frustrating.

Steps to isolate:

Disable FFZ and disable BTTV extensions. Then loaded a Twitch live stream. Stream loads with chat history present, and chat continues as normal, as intended.

Re-enable FFZ, chat loads with history present, continues as normal, as intended.

Re-enable BTTV, chat does NOT load history, chat does not continue as normal without a full Chrome page reload.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


There is a race condition in BetterTTV with chat loading such that it will sometimes not load the history. It’s worse for some than others. There’s no way for us to fix it at present. We’re working on a complete rewrite of the codebase, which will be the eventual fix. There’s no ETA for it being fixed.

Another weird heads up I discovered,

Chrome shows the latest version as 6.9 but within the Twitch browser it states 6.8R55. Any reason for this discrepancy? I tried reinstalling it just to be sure but this discrepancy persists.

The discrepancy is normal and can be ignored. The chrome extension is not the same version as what we’re serving. It will be removed from chat in the rewrite anyway.