BTTV Settings not showing

I am currently not able to get my BTTV settings to show on the drop down bar. Was there an update rolled out by Twitch that broke this or could it be something on my end?

Print Screen:


BTTV has completely stopped working for me today as well. It was just working yesterday. Reinstalling the extension did not resolve the issue.

TRUE! GREEK TRUE IN THE CHAT IF YOU AGREE BOIS!!! :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:

Same here, not working AT ALL even after the re-installation.

BTTV seems like it’s down for everyone, all over twitch FeelsBadMan

Glad I’m not the only one I guess.

Was working last night just fine, but now there is no trace of it

Same here, tried reinstalling and still no trace of it. FeelsBadMan not being able to use FeelsBadMan PepeHands

Working now. They said to clear cache and refresh.

This is now fixed. If you’re still having issues clear cache and then refresh.