BTTV seems to break past broadcasts

Hello there!

I’ve got a little problem with the past broadcasts and highlights on twitch.

Whenever i try to watch a past broadcast, the flash player doesn’t load at all.
All i get it this page:
(This happens on EVERY past broadcast!)

When i disable BTTV and restart my browser, I am able to watch all the past broadcasts.
Also i tried to disable all of my addons including any antivirus software. Didn’t help at all.

Here are some technical details:
Browser: Firefox Nightly 34.0a1
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64
BTTV-Version: 6.8.1
If you do need more information, feel free to ask and I’ll try to add them as fast as possible :slight_smile:

Thanks alot for any help!

  • ToxicQuark

Have you tried clearing your cookies and cache?

I always do CTRL+F5 to refresh the cache automatically, but i just did both to get sure. No effect.

  • ToxicQuark

Does the VoD load without BetterTTV enabled? If not, then it’s a Twitch bug.

If you mean with “VoD” the videoplayer, then yes. If i disable BetterTTV AND restart my browser, it loads fine and i can watch it.

With BetterTTV enabled the flash player doesn’t show up at all.

  • ToxicQuark

Unfortunately I cannot seem to reproduce any issue on the VoD pages myself, which make it hard to fix. I’d make sure there’s not another addon installed that conflicts with BetterTTV. Disable everything but BetterTTV and clear your cookies/cache. If it works at that point then there’s definitely another addon conflicting. If not, you may need to enable debugging in BetterTTV and then copy/paste a console log.

Already tried disabling all addons. But well, disabled all of them again, cleared my cache and cookies but still no change.

Also i don’t know how to turn on the Debug-Mode, i can’t find any option in the BetterTTV settings tab :o
Maybe you want this?
(It’s from the Firefox console that is built in)

  • ToxicQuark

The pastebin shows errors that I cannot fix. If Twitch is undefined BetterTTV doesn’t load, so it’s not possible for BetterTTV to cause this issue.

Well, okay then. Thanks alot for your help :slight_smile:

Thank god you’ve released TwitchDown so i can easily watch them with VLC, which is a bit annoying but I’ll get over it.

You can close this now

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