BTTV Pro Subscription

I’m a new streamer on Twitch, and I have questions about the BTTV pro subscription.

First, there are things that I want to clarify:
If I were to purchase the pro subscription, I want to confirm if I’m right regarding the following that will happen:

  • My viewers/followers etc, including myself, get to use the 25 new channel emotes and 50 shared emotes on my chat


  1. What does “allows up to 5 channel and shared non-GIF personal emotes to be used globally” means?
  2. Regarding the addition of “an extra personal emote for every consecutive month”, let’s say I subscribed for 6 months straight, do I get to have 5, or 6 personal emotes?
  3. Can these personal emotes be used by my viewers on my chat?
  4. Also, if I cancelled the renewal in the mid of my 6th month (meaning I don’t sub after my 6th month is over), will the current 5 or 6 personal emotes that I got from subscribing those 6 months be taken away?

I’m sorry for the lengthy question.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Question regarding emotes: Yes, your chat would be able to use 25 channel emotes and 50 shared emotes.

  1. You are able to add 5 channel/shared non-gif emotes to be used globally by you in any channel.
  2. You would have 11, 5 + 6.
  3. Just you.
  4. The extra emotes will still be on your dashboard but not available for use and in a disabled state, same goes for the shared/channel emotes.
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Okay, thank you Techno!

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