BTTV pro subscription question

I’m a designer for a popular twitch streamer. I had a query around the BTTV pro subscription. If the streamer were to purchase the pro subscription, we get 25 new channel emotes. How many of those can be animated GIF emotes? Potentially all 25? Want to make sure before I make a bunch!!!

Also, how does a GIF become a global emote? Is there a submission process, or is it just up to the developers?

Is there a file size limit / frame limit to the GIFs? ie at the 112px resolution is 1meg ok?

Generally I feel it might be good to create a pinned topic outlining the requirements / specifications from a designer’s perspective. (Twitch have just started to get better at this recently and its been really helpful for us creative peeps.)

Thanks! :slight_smile:

All 25 could be, yes.

We don’t really do submissions for global emotes. There are no plans to make any new gifs global, the only global gif is SourPls.

Emotes should be 112x112 (min of 100x100) and should be less than 1 megabyte.

Great - thanks for the prompt response Slikrick :slight_smile:

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