BTTV Pro refunded itself?

So I got BTTV Pro in the morning and it was working fine, I go to sleep (my sleep is messed) wake up and I don’t have Pro anymore and I was refunded half-ish (rest is being held apparently).
Obviously I can’t buy it again, it doesn’t let me.
What’s the deal?

I have a few theories as to why but obviously I can’t know for sure.

  1. I canceled it after reading it would still keep going (so I didn’t want it to renew if I forgot about it) perhaps it bugged out and the payment didn’t fully go through when I did cancel it.
  2. I didn’t provide my address and phone number because I felt like that information wasn’t needed for the service.
    //Sorry if this isn’t the right place to talk about this but it’s not obvious where to contact about this stuff.

Using invalid payment information is fraud, and your order was probably refunded for that reason.

But it went through paypal, which has my info on there(Not credit/debit card which I would of for that reason). It seemed kind of weird in that sense to also put my info infront of that.
A weird payment service I suppose, so I guess whenever the refund clears up I’ll just provide the info properly.

//I’m hoping it at least lets me try again and didn’t just outright blacklist me for this one off bump

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