BTTV ported to Microsoft EDGE

Happy Days!

Microsoft has released their Toolkit to convert Chrome extensions to Edge. So I have successfully managed to port BTTV extension to EDGE!

You can find the source and instructions to sideload this extension by enabling the developer settings.

Any feedback or suggestions will be appreciated :slight_smile:

Note: You will require Windows 10 Build 14291 or higher to load extensions.


trust me its not working XD you have fail seriously

Trust me it works fine. You just have to follow all the steps as mentioned. :smile:

Just loaded it up myself, working great thank you!

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Cheers :slight_smile: Hopefully it will be released in the store soon!

Unfortunately we are not able to upload to the store until Microsoft makes it possible. Right now they are only allowing whitelisted applications to upload extensions to the store. We’ve tried and gotten this error:

Package acceptance validation error: is a reserved extension type. Your app does not have permission to use this extension type.

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Thanks for the update :slight_smile: Eventually they will allow the extensions soon!

This worked like a charm. \o/ Much cheering is to be had!

When the instructions say to download the source files it means to just click the green button that says “Clone or download”. Click that button and download the zip, then unzip the files into whatever folder you want. It’ll need to stay there so personally I just made a new folder in e:\Programs\ , but whatever works for you.

Then you just select the folder as per the instructions and just like that, it’s done.

Be sure to export your BTTV settings from your other browser and import it in Edge’s BTTV. That makes life so much easier.

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I am glad its working for you. I will update the instructions as per your suggestion to make it even more clear :slight_smile:

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