BTTV not saving settings

The problem has just come up in the last week or so after i disabled then re enabled BTTV but now i have to import all my settings again and again when entering a stream, its quite annoying that i have to do so as it was fine prior to disabling and re enabling, any fixes would be appreciated

Change your browser settings to not clear cookies on close, since that also affects localstorage, where BetterTTV stores settings.

iv’e had a look and it doesn’t seem like its clearing cookies on close, im confused now, iv’e set an exception to allow ok twitch so i will see how that goes

nope it’s still not working, its still not saving the settings

It should look like this on Chrome, meaning that you shouldn’t have to add an exception.

Anything clearing browser data (like CCleaner) will erase this data as well.

i believe that the ad blocker i was using was clearing the cookies so iv’e switched it and will reply if it works now

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