BTTV not loading pictures and not allowing me to click links

This has been the case for a while, profile pictures, some gif emotes, and pictures for some extensions don’t pop up and i get a little icon instead. also, links posted in chat(except profile names) start to load in a new tab, but instantly get closed out. These things do not happen if i take off the BTTV extension. any help would be dope


Are you sure you installed the real BetterTTV and not some fake one? BetterTTV doesn’t cause this type of issue. Ensure you’re using BetterTTV from If that doesn’t work, there may be another add-on conflicting with BetterTTV. Disable all other addons and check if that fixes your problem. If so, toggle the addons on again slowly and find out which is problematic. Otherwise, disable your antivirus/firewall and check if that fixes the problem.

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