BTTV not loading on most pages

Starting yesterday, my BTTV stopped loading on most pages, like the directory pages. It currently only loads when I’m using theater mode on any channel that’s live. If I turn off theater mode it automatically goes away, along with all my settings. It also doesn’t work on the homepage or any channel that’s not live, theater-mode or not.

I’m using BTTV 6.9 with the latest chrome. I’ve tried searching but so far haven’t found anything related to my problem.

I’ve already done that. There is no settings menu for me to use anymore. The extension just isn’t loading unless I’m in theater mode on a live channel.

If you followed the instructions then you’d see there are multiple steps you didn’t perform or you wouldn’t have ended up posting a generic “not loading” thread on these forums.

And if you had read my thread you’d realize I’ve been working on this for the better part of 24 hours.
I did search, I found those instructions and others. Tried them all and nothing worked.
I tried re-installing, it also didn’t work. The extension only loads under one very, very specific circumstance and no others.

If I go into a room in theater mode and then deactivate it, the extension simply stops working immediately. And nothing I do works.
I’m half-tempted to re-install chrome over this to make sure it’s not the problem.

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