BTTV loading issue

Lately BTTV is troublesome for me. I have to refresh the page multiple times to actually get bttv working.
I uninstalled the extenstion and reinstalled it again already, but that did not change anything.

I think this issue has been more and more obvious in the last weeks/months

Swap to the beta in the BetterTTV settings. Problem solved.

How do I opt out of the beta again?

I just entered and more than 1 thing is now fucked up for me. So I prefer the stable version

Clear Twitch cookies to revert back.
However if you have issues with the beta, it would be nice if you could report them so they can be fixed.

Idk how helpful that would be since I use FFZ aswell with some very similar features active.

essentially this. we’ll be forcing the beta to stable soon, so if people don’t report issues then it’s gonna be ¯\(ツ)/¯ for them.

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