BTTV installed version not the same as sites

So I saw that no longer when you hover over and emote you see from what channel it is so I went and saw that my version of BTTV is 7.2.1 and on the site it says 7.2.4 (not sure if it was fixed in later versions).
So I went and reinstalled the add-on but I still had that bug went to check the version and again I had 7.2.1. Is 7.2.4 not live? Or am I running into some bug?

The extension version almost never matches that of the version of the code the extension runs. You can check the BetterTTV Settings -> About menu to see the version you’re running.

Oh it says 7.2.7.
Btw is what I wrote about emotes a known bug and is it gonna be fixed soon?

It is, it has been reported at BetterTTV’s Github repository, you can track the status there:

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