BTTV info bar white colored in dark mode

i am using the Opera browser and suddenly when i refreshed the stream the “info bar” i don’t know its official name, turned white. I have tried doing stuff like restarting, reinstalling bttv but nothing seems to work. Here is an image if that helps

I have the same issue today in Chrome browser. I was not having the issue yesterday.

To any dev seeing this post:

Apparently twitch added a .c-background class to the .metadata-box div. It’s got a nice !important rule in there. Fun times. :^)

Bugs should be reported on github, not the forums. This has already been reported, though, and it can be found here:

@Rizky your information might be more helpful on that thread.

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Ah, I’ll reply there.

Sorry, just happen to see the original and added to it. Will look there next time instead. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the confusion, this is the first time i have posted on anything bttv related.

This is resolved. In the future, please report bugs to GitHub.