BTTV for Firefox not working

I have been using BTTV for the last couple of months with no issue. Even though I have the add-on properly installed (I even tried reinstalling) I cannot log-in to BTTV through twitch. Nothing has really changed and I have no idea what is causing the issue.

If anything else is needed I can try and give you more information.

Thanks in advance.

What do you mean by “I cannot log-in to BTTV?” Is BetterTTV not loading in your browser? Did you install anything recently that might have broken it?

I have it successfully installed. It just did absolutely nothing. I had it working perfectly before.

If it lost your settings, you can reconfigure them inside the chat settings.

You have been blocked from using Twitch. Please visit the Support Center for more information on why you may have been banned. This is what I get now from twitch on both FF and Chrome, when I turn off BBT twitch works fine. No new extension/add-ons have been installed. prior to this the bbt emoticons or bbt is loading properly to twitch.

This is not our issue. As it says, Twitch blocked you, not us.

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