BTTV Emotes with the normal emotes

Oh and thanks for fixing the emote menu :kissing_heart:
Edit: Just the bttv emotes with the normal and the subscriber is in a separate area.

I already reported this to the author of the add-on. You should be happy that the menu works at this point.

Well thanks anyway for the patch to reintroduce the emote menu.

The grouping of the BTTV emotes is not an issue of the menu–BTTV needs to set on the emotes I get from them for it to group. This was done before but I don’t know when it was changed in BTTV and needs to be fixed in BTTV. I’ve already notified the BTTV dev on what to change.

I am making the whole sorting, UI, and internal emote handling more robust and less likely to break; more forgiving. Tracking for that is part of #72 but what is broken right now doesn’t affect this particular issue.

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