BTTV Emotes suddenly stopped working


Is there anyone having the same kind of error? I was chatting with people and I accidentally closed the tab, and I realised the BTTV Emotes aren’t there in the list when I re-opened the tab. I tried cleaning cookies and every browser data, uninstalling and re-installing, unchecking and checking the “BetterTTV emotes”, checking my pc for malware, even tried another browser (firefox) and they weren’t there aswell.

Yep, not working for me either, Chrome 33.whatever

There was hardware failure on the node hosting BetterTTV’s emoticons and resources. The CDN has cached and is serving BetterTTV and its stylesheets for now.

So BTTV is just running on the cached version at the moment?

The hardware has been replaced and the server is back online.

Yeah it works great now. Thought the chat emotes button doesn’t categorise the sub emoticons like before, they are in chaos with the default ones

Edit: It’s fixed now. Thanks!