BTTV emotes not showing even after debugging thread

So my problem as said above is I cant see anything from BTTV. The addon is correctly installed both on Chrome and Opera. I have checked “on” BTTV emotes, BTTV gif emotes and Emote Menu. I cleared all my internet history and cookies and cache. I disabled the only other addon Adblock Plus. Even after that the BTTV addon doesnt work properly - cannot see any emotes or gif emotes, literally the only reason to instal this in the first place.

Am I missing something obvious? Whats gone wrong?

What do you mean by “cannot see any emotes or gif emotes?” If you have BetterTTV emotes enabled in the BetterTTV settings, then using our emotes will render them in chat. If users in chat use emotes from other extensions, those do not render in BetterTTV. It’s possible you’re confusing emotes from BetterTTV and other extensions.

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