BTTV Emotes not appearing in OBSChat

So I know that BTTV was recently updated and now you have to manually turn on custom gif emotes.

How do I do this with OBS chat? I want SourPls to be shown on screen.


OBS Chat already displays BetterTTV emoticons. If it wasn’t for you, it’s possible that there was a temporary issue that caused the API to not load the emoticons. A simple refresh of the source should fix the problem.

It was actually not displaying ever since the update to BTTV was made, where the user had to manually enable custom gif emotes.

That being said. I checked again about 2 hours into my stream, and it was working (I checked before I started streaming, and it was not working). It has not been working since the BTTV update.

But it is working now.

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