Bttv emotes no showing in the chat

it’s shows the bttv emotes of that channel
Screenshot 2023-04-03 21.20.44
but once I and other people send it to the chat I can’t see it, it’s all letters like Kappa or FeelsAmazingMan

have the same problem. no idea what changed from a few days ago

same issue, bumping so thread doesnt close

If you’re having issues using BetterTTV emotes, then you likely have 7TV installed. 7TV broke BetterTTV and other extensions, so you will need to uninstall 7TV to fix the problem. You can learn more here.

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I dont have 7tv nor have I ever used it but I still cant see actual emotes in twitch chat only the letters

Hey @Yazid_Bhugeloo!

Sorry to hear.
Make sure it’s not another extension, such as an ad-blocker for example. Disable all other extensions, and see if you still encounter the issue, if it’s solved, then that’s one of your extension, to find out which one, enable them one by one and test if you still see the emotes, once you’ve figured out which extension is the culprit, see if you can add an exception filter for BetterTTV’s website.

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