BTTV emote uploaded by another user, now creates copyright flag when trying to reupload the original emote

FeelsSadMan ( pictured here: ) was a shared emote on BTTV for a long time, but has disappeared a couple days ago from the lists of channels I know that used it.

I thought I’d upload it again but when I try, I get a rejection email saying it’s a copyright infringement for being similar to an existing twitch emote ( ). I reuploaded it filling in the justification that the BTTV emote predates the twitch upload, but it was rejected again immediately.

Here’s the streamlabs for a channel that used it You can find FeelsSadMan at #48 of the top bttv emotes

Unfortunately due to you uploading an emote that is already used by a Twitch account it breaks our “Duplication of Twitch emotes” rule. Using the notion that it existed on BetterTTV could mean that the user deleted it for a Twitch only purpose.

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