BTTV Emote - No email linked to your account

Hi, I’m trying out the custom emote via BTTV.
Everything is done correctly, I’ve connected my twitch account to BTTV and authorized it. I go to the My Emotes tab and upload the image, it uploads fine, I input a custom name for the emote, leave the justification as default, leave the email section too since it’s grayed out. Click on submit and I get a red box at the top alerting me that "You do not have an email linked to your account."
I’m guessing this is talking about my Twitch email, since under the grayed out email box it gives you a link to twitch settings where the email is.
I have an email attached to my twitch account and also verified it when I created it, I tried relogging, but still getting the same message :confused:

Anybody got a clue where I’m going wrong and could give me a little help please?
Thank you in advance!

Hey, this is a twitch api issue, you’ll have to wait till they fix it. Sorry about that.

Hey, thanks for the quick reply and I’ll wait for a few days and see if it’s fixed.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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