BTTV Emote Menu not showing

I don’t have an option for the BTTV Emote Menu to show by settings and the viewer list as shown in the provided image below. All the other features appear to work as intended. I even see the emotes work in chat if others or myself type the emote names.

Windows 10 Pro
Chrome Version 60.0.3112.78 (Official Build) (64-bit)
BTTV Version 7.0.23

I’ve cleared my cache already as well as uninstall/reinstall BTTV extension. I think the most recent issue like this was a year ago in the forums. Let me know some other steps I could try to do to fix the problem.

Your screenshot doesn’t show where the Emote menu would be located. The setting is called Emote menu, so it shows up under E.

That was it. Before I swore all you had to turn on was the BetterTTV Emotes in my image, but they must of updated it to where there was another menu option below. Thanks.

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