BTTV Emote Approver!

Hello Night,

Hope you are having a wonderful day! Keep up the amazing work, I fully support your works! Im Swiftnezz_! Going on 6 months of being a Twitch affiliate. I was inquiring if you were accepting applications for forum moderators and/or assisting with BTTV Emote Approvers if eligible. I feel very qualified with my credentials! I believe in that closed mouths don’t get fed, and being an avid user of Nightbot and BTTV I would like to enter my name into the list if available. Thank you for your time and help. Again, hope you are having a wonderful day and look forward to the day I can be part of the community, what an honor it would be!


Emote approvers are accepted when we need them and by asking people who our current emote approvers recommend. We do not accept open applicants, and we currently do not need emote approvers at this current moment.

Side note: There is no “office”, night is the sole developer for nightdev, and all support/approval is a close-knit group of people who know night.

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