BTTV E10s Support for Firefox?

Hiya :slight_smile:

With Firefox 48 coming out and E10s/Electrolysis support being officially available (albeit, only rolled out for 1% of users but many of us are switching the support on anyway) I was wondering if BTTV will soon be E10s compatible, assuming it isn’t already? I’d love to be able to use it while having the multi-processing turned on, especially with Twitch turning to HTML5 shortly.


You weren’t the first person to ask so because i wasn’t sure if it was compatible i decided to find out for myself. I downloaded and installed the firefox nightlies (im using linux) and had BetterTTV installed.

With the multi-processing enabled all of BetterTTV’s features appeared to be working completely fine but it was a quick 5 minute test. So, i assume there are no issues with e10s support? Appears that it is e10s compatible because on a twitch page with it loaded the tab does have the proper e10s on it as per:

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