BTTV chat not loading

I just recently started getting this error where BTTV is not loading chat.
I tried clearing my caches, it didn’t work
I tried disabling all extensions and it didn’t work
When i type something in chat, everyone else can see what i wrote, and i can’t see my message in chat
Sometimes, chat will load for a split second before showing nothing at all
Any solutions?

Same here, it’s been like that all day for me. Last night it was fine. When watching past broadcasts, the rechat still works. Mine will load when I disable BetterTTV in extensions. Cleared cache, and cookies as well.

This seems to be an intermittent issue. I am looking into reproducing and fixing it.

Not sure if this was the reason, or just a coincidence, but last night I had the chat popped out, then closed all windows by right clicking chrome in taskbar.

I have the same issue last 2 days.
Tried to clean the cache and cookies - not works.
If I open twitch in private window in a chat I see the error ‘BetterTTV encountered an error reading chat. The developer has been sent a log of this action. Please try clearing your cookies and cache.’

This issue is due to using an outdated version of Chrome:

Nope, I’m using the latest Pale Moon (Firefox Compatibility mode is on).
Anyway, the problem is fixed right now, thanks!

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