BTTV Chat disappeared

Title says it all.
I played around with the chat resizing function, then I probably double-clicked on the edge and - poof - chat is gone, video scales to the right edge of the screen.
This is not another addon interfering - I had this setup work for me before, no updates were recieved today.
I have no AV software either.
I cleaned all my cache. I am NOT going to clear all my cookies.
My browser is Firefox 40.0.2. No JS console messages - everything is “working”.
Edit: obviously enough, when I disable/uninstall the addon, chat does appear.
That’s it.

Also I probably wouldn’t need to post here if your addon had “restore defaults” button. Please add it, it’s pretty ridiculous that there is no such thing.

Check in the top right corner of the window for a window box.

Or this box to expand chat:

Thank you, haven’t noticed this at all.
This can be closed now.

Also about your “restore defaults” button, that can be done by clearing your cache and cookies.

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