Browsing shared BTTV channel emotes

I was wondering if there was any plan for adding a better way of browsing shared emotes.
Currently, the only way to discover new emotes is to keep on looking at “recent” ones.
Browsing by channel isn’t really very helpful in discovering new ones.

On a specific emotes, you guys show how many channels are using it, so how about a page which shows the most used emotes? Honestly, a random list would be useful too, I’m sure there are plenty of great ones hidden in there.

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To be honest, I would actually agreed that there should be a browse menu. Unless you know the channel name or see it in the recent emotes (as you stated) there’s no way to identify potential emotes I’d like to add to the channel.

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I agree with everything here, I know that i’d like to also eventually see a function where you can not share the emote and it’d be unusable by any channel until it’s been re-enabled by the creator thus removing it from the public cue.

As soon as @teak gets the design for browsing shared emotes finished, it will be released.

As for unsharing emotes, we decided that unsharing an emote should not remove said emote from channels that have it already. Is there a particular reason why you believe it should? Would a general “disable” work instead? Why or why not?

To be honest, I do wish in a way we had the option of blacklisting users from using our shared emotes. I know this won’t be added, but could be nice for me.

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