Broadcaster and moderator icons

Hey there!

I saw that there is a topic regarding this issue already, but you told that you could not reproduce the issue. I’m currently experiencing the same issue as the user: modpwn.

I’ve installed the OBS-chat into my OBs and it is working great, but it does not show there icons in front of people’s names.

I think I’ve fixed it while changing settings to something else. I added the &bot_activity=true to the end of the line, its working like a charm now :slight_smile:

spot on, thanks for using our services!

Currently facing the same issue.
How exactly did you solve it? I tried adding the given line, but didn’t help with anything.

OBS Chat relies on Twitch to notify our server with a mode change when you become a mod. It can take 30 seconds after joining a channel to show up as a mod on OBS chat due to this.


I have Monstercat on my channel and he had Mod + Turbo icons working few hours ago, now for the past hour only his Turbo icon works.

My broadcaster icon (and my friend’s, also) haven’t worked in the past 48h.

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