Brief Billing Questions/Concerns

Hey thanks for clicking on this! My name’s Duna and i’m a very small streamer. I get around 10 concurrent viewers, as I just started stream about two weeks ago. I’ve set up my StreamTip and I have some simple questions, just so everything is clarified for me.

I was donated 5 dollars this month, all in 1 dollar increments. I know that Paypal takes 2 percent and about 30 cents in addition to your 2 percent. But it’s your two percent i’m not sure of.

Is it that your company will bill my Paypal 2 percent or less of my monthly earnings (from tips) at the end of the month. So if I make 100 dollars one month (theoretically) you guys would automatically bill my Paypal 2 dollars, and if the next month I was to make 10 dollars your company would bill me 20 cents?

Also is your 2 percent calculated on the actual amount donated or is it calculated on the total after Paypal implements its fee of 2 percent and some 30 odd cents.

Thanks for answering and taking the time out of your day if you do so!
- Duna

We invoice you (via email) at the end of the billing period according to what our fees are. You are responsible for paying the invoice manually. We might setup an automated payment method soon, which will be opt-in.

You can also see what the fees are for the current (unfinished) billing period on your Account page.

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