Bots messages aren't being displayed in OBS Chat

'ello. My bots messages aren’t being displayed in OBS Chat, but other messages go through just fine.

The bots messages show up in regular twitch chat, and show up on IRC too… just not in this plugin. Any ideas what’s going on?

Made a little video to showcase the issue here.

Look at the bottom left corner to see a preview of the OBS chat, notice the bots messages aren’t being displayed, but my main account does.

Thanks for your help!

Ah I found out now… Serves me right for not searching properly first!

Pretty neat feature actually. Thanks!

If you read the options when generating your hosted URL, there is an checkbox option to enable bot messages.

Ah, nice! I’ve been using the same URL I generated almost a year ago. Perhaps I missed the option or it wasn’t implemented at the time.

Nice to know the option exists.

Thank you!

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