Bot keeps appearing in Kapchat w/ box unchecked

In short, I don’t want this. Yet every time I try to grab a new url WITHOUT the show bot box checked, it still acts as if I checked the box to show bots. I’m at a loss right now. It only started happening after I made a new account for my bot, but I don’t see why that would have any impact. I’ve grabbed about 4 new url’s, but it’s the same result every time. Can someone help a fellow broadcaster out? Thanks a bunch.


I can’t reproduce it to which the auto checking is happening. For a fix just change the bot_activity to false in the URL you’re given. exp. &bot_activity=false

Thank you for the reply Aaron,

Funny thing is, in the url, it already says that. It’s already set to false, not true. Any clues?


Can you post the link that your currently using that is causing the problem?

Certainly, here you go.


It only started happening after I made a new account for my bot

Sorry I must have missed this part. Oops. Kapchat will filter out all the major chat bots(nightbot, moobot, xanbot) and any custom bots with the ending “bot” in their name.

Your solution is adding custom css to ignore certain usernames, aka your bot name. Here is another discussion to help you out.

Continuing the discussion from Ignore message from BOT / player?:

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Aaron, thank you so much for your help. That extra line in the CSS resolved it completely. Thank you!


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