BOT dont work on YouTube

Hello.Night bot dont work on my youtube stream. I added night bot to the moderator list , and pressed JOIN but night bot dont show up in my chat and etc

my youtube name is KibaTheBarbarian plz i cant get night bot to work in been over 5 weeks

Make sure your stream is public and that your live when you use Nightbot. Also double check that he isn’t ignored in your chat.

how you un ignored him

night bot is not block or nothing

well i try it all it a nop night bot not working

Nightbot is not joined to your channel. You need to press join in the control panel for it to join.

i am about to go live i hop it join i push it and nothing

I cannot see night bot it is only noticeable to the people that it time out and the message do not get deleted and the commands do not work my youtube

any way it ok if night bot dont work

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