Blocked Embedded Youtube Link

So I have been noticing several song request skips going on in my nightbot and at first, it didn’t really bother me.

Weeks later, I realized that maybe songs I really liked were blocked or removed so I began to check each link to ensure I needed to replace them. Then I also realized that even if I do check on youtube, sometimes, some of the songs requested won’t play embedded due to protection and I can’t tell what songs in my playlist are protected. Is there a way to tell what vids I have in my playlist are embedded blocked?

Embedding checks are performed when a song is added to the queue or playlist, and never again checked. If you have old content in your playlist which has tracks that are now blocked from being embedded, you would currently need to manually remove these entries.

Can there be a way to do a sort of “check” when they’re already on the list? I can’t tell what is or isn’t blocked.

The only time the check is tested is on an added song or import, if you re-import your playlist only embeddable songs will re-added.

Understood, thanks for the help.

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