Blacklisting Words/Phrases won't work on Discord

Hoping someone can help me out!

Everything else that I’ve tried with Nightbot on Discord works fine, for example, the custom commands. Those work like a charm. However, when I try to set words or phrases to be blacklisted in the Discord, it doesn’t work. I thought maybe it was just a feature that didn’t carry over to the Discord version of Nightbot, but no, it’s even advertised on Discord’s website.

I have another bot I’m using in conjunction with Nightbot, Mee6. It seems to be able to delete blacklisted words and phrases just fine, but doesn’t have nearly enough customization that I need for it, unlike Nightbot, which does.

Is this just a temporary bug? Here are my current settings for the nightbot.

(Rash is obviously a test word.)

Nightbot also has FULL permissions on the server, if that info is needed.

Any help is welcome!

I believe your issue is that you are entering them all on one line. As it states in the text right below it blacklisted words should each be on a separate line.

Thank you so much! This fixed it right up. I thought I tried it before and it didn’t work, but I guess I just did something wrong. <3

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