Blacklisting the ":/" emote


I haven’t found any thread related to this specific issue with the blacklist and I’d like to ask, is it possible to blacklist the “:/” emote using the BTTV blacklist without it making me unable to see links that begin with “https:/”? I’ve tried the wildcard approach as well and it didn’t do the job.

In the Emote Menu there’s the “Toggle edit mode” option, but all it does is toggle the visibility of emotes you select in the menu itself, not in the actual chat.

So I guess this thread is partially a suggestion to be able to blacklist specific emotes, not just phrases. For instance, if someone had the “Kappa” emote blacklisted, a person talking about the greek letter wouldn’t get their message filtered unless they used a capital “k”. Don’t know if my explanation made sense, or is the addition of such a feature even possible, but it’s worth asking.

When you say blacklist, are you suggesting that you’d want to turn the emote back into text, or you’d want to remove the emote completely?

Remove completely, so that the message gets filtered and it doesn’t show up in my chat to begin with.

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