Blacklisted Terms Question / Suggestion

Hey i was wondering is there a way to blacklist kind of combinations of words?

I don’t necessarily mind like some profanity in my chat, but if I have a new user who throws down like 5 swear words in a 8 word sentence…is there a way to filter that out. Like just delete the message if it contains “2 or more” or “3 or more” of the blacklisted terms? is that possible?

Also, can you configure nightbot to just delete the message with no timeout? … I suppose that would be setting the timeout to “0” …?

Nightbot blacklists will trigger when one of the words is found in that message. There is no additional logic that can be added to it.

In order to remove the message Nightbot has to timeout the user. First the warning (5 seconds), then an extended timeout (configured in spam protection settings).

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